Pumpkin purée 

Smooth Pumpkin Purée 

  I love making homemade pies, crust and all.  Buying all my ingredients, getting to use my rolling pin, it is so nostalgic.  Cracking open a metal can of processes pumpkin, not so much.    Well guess what… your daydreams can carry on all the way through to your post turkey nap because making your own pumpkin purée is as easy as pie. See what I did there!  Really though I swear you can do it and as an added bonus your house will smell amazing.  

  Now on a serious note: Did you know canned pumpkin isn’t even really pumpkin? Because of the leniency the FDA has with canned pumpkin, it usually contains more squash than pumpkin.  Due to the fact that these certain squash are close cousins to pumpkin it is leagal to label cans as 100% pumpkin. Eating squash isn’t the scariest thing that has ever happened to you no, but think of all the things we eat that are legally labled otherwise.  Brands like Libby even produce their own type of squash to make their “canned pumpkin”.  As for the cans themselves, BPA free or not, I don’t want food that has been stored in plastic or aluminum for what could be years.  So next time you reach for your can of pumpkin grab a couple pie pumpkins instead! 


  1. 3 pie pumpkins for sugar pumpkins 
  2. 2 tablespoons cinnamon 
  3. 1 tablespoon coconut oil (oil of choice) 


  During the fall you can always find pie pumpkins at your local grocery store.  They are much smaller than a normal pumpkin and easy to work with.  You can always make this ahead of time and freeze as well. 

  First cut your pumpkins in half from top to bottom.  Clean out and scrape the seeds and insides.  You can slice off the top top to remove the vine.  Next put coconut oil in the bottom of your crock pot. Place pumpkin halves face down on bottom of crock pot, than you can stack them face down on top of each other as you run out of space.  Sprinkle cinnamon on top of your pumpkins and cover with lid.  Set to low for 8 hours.  I did mine overnight and woke up to a gorgeous aroma. 

  Remove halves one by one from slow cooker and spoon the pumpkin out away from the skin.  Mash your pumpkin well once you can removed all pumpkin from skin or mix with and emulsion blender for ultimate smoothness.  

  Told you it was easy as pie!  Enjoy!
Stay Tasty and True,

-Brittany xoxo

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