Staying Tasty & True on Vaca 

   Raise your hand if you’ll be at the beach this summer! Most of us will be relaxing by the pool too.  Here are a few of my favorite reads, sun products, and other vaca essentials! Happy vacation. 

Beach Reading:

Toxin Toxout : I am just in the beginning of this book so I’ll let you know. 

The Unhealthy Truth : This book touches on our food supply and what it is contaminated with. 
Whole : This book is more on the extreme side and is about the benefits to a “whole foods” diet. I love reading about things like this even if my own diet isn’t quite as strict. 
Wheat Belly : Touching on gluteus affects to the digestive system.
Grain Brain : Touching on glutens affects the whole body. 
The Stash Plan : a lighter beach read with tons of interesting info. Pack another book because you’ll finish in 1-2 days. 
Eating Animals : Even though I am not myself a vegan I found this book very interesting. Definitely a heavier read though. 
The Honest Life : Another light read helping us be more aware of the products we use in moderation.  


  I found a couple sunscreens that work for me. I would love to hear about other suggestions. 

Goddess Garden : I have the spray in waterproof and the tub in the everyday lotion. These products work great. They are never tested on animals and are totally vegan. Also leaving out harsh chemicals. They are not greasy either. They did take a little longer to rub in but that was fine by me! 
The Honest Company : I have the spray and regular tube with this sunscreen as well. If your looking for a PABA, gluten, and paraben free sunscreen this is for you. This one rubbed in a little better.  
Bug Spray:

Doterra Terra Sheild  : I have this oil blend and spray.  A blend of essential oils that WORKS when avoiding bugs.  Also it won’t kill them. 

Honest Company Insect Spray :  This spray worked great too and had a pleasant scent. It is organic and cruelty free as well. Honestly whatever spray you can get your hands on easier is the one for you because they were very similar. 

  I hope a few of these give you some good ideas. I would love to hear about what other beach essentials work for you. 

Stay Tasty and True

-Brittany xoxo

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