The Organic Produce Struggle 

   The organic produce struggle is most definitely real. Whether it’s the cost, size or availability that’s got you down, I’ll help you with some tips to keep you going.  

   Organic produce will cost you more than conventional most of the time. Why is it so important to buy organic anyway?  Organic farms are smaller than conventional farms so their production is smaller and organic farms grow slower compared to farms adding growth hormones and pesticides. This all leads to higher prices. Because of the careful handling to prevent cross contamination in some cases more labor is needed to produce these crops also.  One thing we can do, buy organic. The ongoing demand for organic food will drive prices down. Who wants to eat pesticides anyway? 

   Ok so now your ready to go buy organic produce. Where? Most all grocery stores now have organic aisles and sections.  Not to mention health food and organic specialty stores are popping up everywhere if you don’t already have one.  Your local farmers market is  almost always your best bet too.  So now that we are here, what produce is really the most important to buy organic?  Especially when you are starting off, purchasing all organic can be overwhelming.  Some of our fruits and vegetables are more contaminated than others with pesticides and other chemicals. Staying up to date on which produce are a higher risk to your family can save you time and money.  It’s also a good place to start when transitioning your weekly shopping list to 100% organic.  The Dirty Dozen is a great way to make sure you are educated on the current list of the most toxic fruits and veggies.  

   Now that our kitchen is stocked with chemical free food, how do we clean and prep our fruits and veggies? Because organic produce is farmed without pesticides we may find more insects. There is also bacteria lingering on our produce from the fields, farmers, and grocery store consumers. Ew!   Without anti-bacterial chemicals on our fruit we need to remove bacteria  safely before feeding our families.  Which is exactly how I found this guy …

There are a couple products I like for this step

  1. The Honest Company fruit and veggie wash
  2. Natural Veggie Wash
  3. Full circle veggie brush
  4. White vinegar
  5. Lemon or any citrus essential oil

   For your rougher root veggies like carrots and potatoes I like to spray on my Honest Company fruit and veggie wash and then scrub with a brush.  For softer fruits like tomatoes and apples I like to use one of my veggie washes and then rinse and rub off with a paper towel.  For any other fruits and veggies that need to soak off some soil or wax, I do a soak bath.  Make sure your sink is nice and clean or you can use a big glass bowl or tub.  Fill with water until your fruits and veggies are covered.  Add 2 Tbsp vinegar and 4 drops of your citrus essential oil.  Let soak for 15 minutes and then rinse and scrub clean.  

  What are more of your struggles buying organic? 

Stay Tasty and True,

-Brittany xoxo

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