Welcome to Tasty and True

After years of my contemplating and ignoring the itch to do so, here I am writing my very first blog post. As my close friends and family know I have always wanted to bring writing back into my life in some way.  Though I’m sure most people would agree, life is hectic and things get in the way.

I’m a hair-stylist in her early thirties whom works 40 hours a week. I am not a mother,  nor do I have a job with deadlines or work that keeps me up at night.  All careers have high stress in their own way yes, but there is no reason I should be putting something off like this that I have been longing do to.  Life has all sorts of ways of getting in the way right? Careers, friends, appointments, cleaning, folding, family, coffee, bridal showers, baby showers, paperwork… Always a reason we cannot take care of ourselves.  It can be overwhelming.

Let’s rewind a couple of months.  I was recently married and after that I finally got to decompress somewhat and things in my life slowed down.  Work is good, home life is happy,  family is well.  It was time to focus on me a little more. I have been “organic conscious” for years, keeping chemical free products in our home and shopping organic for most all our groceries. In more recent months my husband and I have taken it a step further eliminating sugars, dairy, gluten, GMOs & most animal proteins from our diets.  Eating as clean as possible has improved my health, mental state and body image.  Drum roll please……….

I finally had something to write my blog about. Something I feel passionate about and want to share.  Trying to live your life free of toxins is liberating but also comes with many challenges. That’s why I am here to discuss these challenges, give ideas, give recipes, and talk about some life truths. I believe in the 80/20 rule as well. We have to be realistic and live our lives healthy but not deprived either.  So please join me on my journey and I promise to help you live your most tasty and true life!

Stay tasty and true,

Brittany xoxo

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